[thelist] Beervolt - Oregon/Portland area

Hugh Blair hblair at hotfootmail.com
Sun Jan 6 12:47:34 CST 2002

In case someone missed it, I'd like to remind y'all about the possible OR
Beervolt.  I'm headed there in about 2 hours, so if we can get this put
together it would be great.

There's been three messages so far about this Beervolt:

Jump in if you can.  (Hopefully) See y'all there.

hblair at hotfootmail.com

<tip type="Reloading Win98" author="Hugh">

Ever need to rebuild a Win98 computer?  Unless your HD has really died,
you can rebuild your \WINDOWS system and save all the other files.  Of
course you'll have to re-register/install your programs so they'll be 
in your registry, but at least this saves your files.

 1 - Boot from a DOS floppy.  Change to your C:\ drive.
 2 - Change to your C:\ drive.  
 3 - Type "copy \windows\command\deltree.exe" (without the quotes)
 4 - Make another directory from root and copy any parts of the 
     \WINDOWS directory you want saved to this new directory.
 5 - Type "deltree /y \windows" (this deletes the entire \WINDOWS 
 6 - If needed, reboot and enter the BIOS setup to change the boot
     order so your computer boots from the CD.
 7 - Put your Win98 CD in the CD drive and reboot.  If asked to choose
     the boot source from HD or CD, choose CD.
 8 - Choose option #2, "Start computer with CD-ROM support."
 9 - Change to your CD drive.
10 - Type "startup [options]".  Options include:
       /ie - skip the startup screen
       /im - skip the check for low conventional memory (suggested)
       /is - Do NOT run the DOS Scandisk first (suggested)
       /nr - Skip the registry check (not needed if you deleted \WINDOWS)
       /iq - Skip the *internal* scan disk (not publicly documented!)

NOTE: Skipping Scandisk might be needed if your computer continually
complains that there are problems but scandisk doesn't fix them.  Running
scandisk isn't bad, but you might enter a loop where Setup complains 
about a problem, you run scandisk to fix it and scandisk doesn't report 
any problems.  Skipping this step with /iq will let you continue.

11 - Now follow the setup program prompts. You'll be left with a new
     Windows install. You'll have to reinstall your various programs, 
     device drivers for any sound card/video card/network card/printers,
     or any other devices that Windows didn't automatically recognize.

This method is the next-to-last step you should take.  Your last resort 
is a total format of the HD.  Hopefully you can save your files by doing
this type of rebuild.

<tip type="Prepaid Computer Support" author="Hugh">
A new service is available for 'users.'  It's an extension of the
service that this 4-year-old company has been doing for corporate
clients.  For as low as $159.95/year you can get great help
24/7/365.  Link: <http://www.prepaidcomputerhelp.com/
I recommend them highly to my clients.  Their techs are very
knowledgable and friendly.

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