[thelist] printing images (coupons)

Dave schemer at cyou.com
Sun Jan 6 13:23:50 CST 2002

Thanks for the info to all that commented on my coupon printing question. I now
have found this site mentioned below to add to my reading list :) So much
reading, so little time...

Ben Gustafson wrote:

> Alistapart uses the media=print stylesheet for its "Miracle Print"
> feature, to get rid of the right sidebar when printing. An example is at
> http://www.alistapart.com/stories/hellxml/ . There are known bugs listed
> in the sidebar.
> --Ben
> > >>I was wondering what my options are for an online coupon
> > >>in .gif or .jpg format, to be printed out without using
> > >>up alot of extra ink on the end users printer.
> >
> > just off the top of my head, would a print stylesheet do the job??
> >
> > use if to set display:none on the elements you don't want to print.
> > Obviously will only work on browsers that support it (ie5 and above i
> > think), but certainly a neat and efficient way, preferable to frames imho.
> >
> > use
> >
> > <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" media="print" href="print.css">
> --
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