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Zombo zombo_the_clown at yahoo.com
Fri Jan 11 20:15:18 CST 2002

Being the suddenly-unemployed person I am, I've spent the last week scrambling to assemble a current portfolio, and the following is part of that process: <http://www.chadsavage.com>

I've checked it in IE6, NS6.2, Opera 5 and NS 4.74 on PC. 

Anybody that can check it in IE4, IE5 and Opera 6 on PC, and any/all browsers on a Mac and let me know how it looks... well, I'd appreciate it.

One question.

In my CSS, the body tag contains "text-align:center", to center the div's that contain the content. This works in IE6; it doesn't work in Opera 5 or NS6.2.

Any advice on how to get things to center in the window and still validate?

Put another way, how do I mimic the effect of placing everything in a <center></center> set of tags, but that is compatible with HTML 4.01 Strict?

Thanks in advance.

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