[thelist] PHP content management (without MySQL!)

noah noah at tookish.net
Sun Jan 13 14:41:08 CST 2002

At 02:38 PM 13/01/2002, andy travers wrote:
>With both websites, I'm looking for some sort of content management tool
>that will allow me to hand over some content management ability (typically
>to add new press releases to the site) to my non-technical clients. Neither
>client can afford MySQL solutions - although I know there are a number of
>PHP/MySQL content management tools from php.net and phpbuilder.com.

I assume that you mean that they can't afford to pay you for a MySQL 
solution, since MySQL is free. Or is it the extra hosting cost? (Is there 
an extra hosting cost?)

>Before I break the bad news to them that they really need MySQL
>functionality, is anyone aware of a *pure PHP* content management solution
>that I could implement instead?

What about using PHP to parse an XML file? Depending on the precise nature 
of the content you're managing, this might be a better solution than a 
database backend anyway.

One potentially useful site:

Apparently there are existing PHP/XML CMS tools:

O'Reilly has a PHP/XML list here:

>Oh, and just to be greedy, ideally I'd like them to be capable of creating
>XHTML compliant pages...!

As long as you're the one writing the code, you shouldn't have any trouble 
making the tags XHTML. You'll also have to make sure you deal with 
character entities, which may be a bit of a hassle, but shouldn't be too 
difficult (for example, if the client types "Black & White" you'll need to 
change this to &quot;Black &amp; White&quot;, or the appropriate numerical 
entities). PHP might even have a function for this (I'm not sure).


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