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Klaas De Waele klaas at gracegraphics.be
Mon Feb 11 08:51:00 CST 2002

I once used it in a little script where you'd have like a certain car model
and wished to choose from a list of optionals to customize the car.  It had
something to do with the calculator but don't ask me what - I lost the
script after someone did a 'backup' of it... :(

- Kayjey -

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Onderwerp: Event capturing and bubbling

Hello all,

I'm currently writing an article about event handling and naturally I have
to say something about event capturing and event bubbling.

Now I'm wondering if capturing and bubbling are very important in practice.
At the moment I think that a web developer's main worry is to turn both
capturing and bubbling off, that it's simply not used in practical
day-to-day event handling scripts.

Therefore I'd like to know if anyone knows of a good *practical* example
script where capturing and/or bubbling is used (no tutorials, just a script
that does something useful on a website). Personally I can't think of a good

implementation, but if anyone can prove me wrong, please do.



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