[thelist] Community commenting question

Peter Van Dijck peter.vandijck at vardus.com
Mon Feb 11 11:33:00 CST 2002

Here's a question for you community gurus:
I added commenting on pages to a site of mine (example:
http://poorbuthappy.com/colombia/about/123). But I notice people use it not
for commenting but for chatting, asking questions, ... Basically, everything
the discussion forum is for (that's already there).

so: how do I deal with this:
I don't want interesting discussions to go lost on some page instead of on
the forum, + they won't get too many responses there.

I've considered making something that would let me move the appropriate
discussions from the page they were made on to the discussion forum. But
would my users understand that.

I get the impressions also some people think the comment will go straight to
me (they ask me personally questions) instead of being published on the

So I'm having problems communicating the concept here: do I change the
concept, or how can I communicate it more clearly? (The concept by the way
is that they can comment on the article: so that comments directly related
to the article show up with it... this is good for other people reading the
Any tips?

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