[thelist] browsing in Netscape 6.2 with images turned off

Nicole Parrot nicole at parrot.ca
Wed Feb 13 13:20:01 CST 2002

And enlighten me, please... (I understand you're only reporting what the guy
said, I'm asking about what his stance is..)

What's the correct use of the "ALT" tag? I have always thought that it
stands for "alternative", as in "here's an alternative way of displaying the
same info" which is not the same as the title.

I can easily put "Girl with flowers by Van Gogh" as the title of an image,
and "Main Company Logo" as the alternative information.


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From: "Trussell David N" <David.N.Trussell at irs.gov>
> I wish I could remember where I read a dialogue with one of the main
> designers of Mozilla. He stated that he was no longer going to perpetuate
> the mis-use of the "ALT" tag. According to him (and the W3C) the "TITLE"
> is actually the correct one to use. I can't back this up but I *do*
> reading his response to questions about the "ALT" tag.  He maintains that
> just because everybody has been (mis)using the "ALT" tag for years doesn't
> make it right.

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