[thelist] browsing in Netscape 6.2 with images turned off

Mark Howells mark at mountain.ch
Wed Feb 13 13:20:31 CST 2002

>>> in Netscape 6.2 with images
>>> off, not only
>>> do the images not appear, but neither do alt tags.

> [snip about a quote that said] just because everybody has been (mis)using the
>"ALT" tag for years doesn't make it right.


- 'alt' became a required attribute under HTML 4.0. If it's not for
ALTernative text, then what is it for?

- 'title' doesn't show alternative text in any browser I've tested it in
except Lynx (also excepting a tooltip in IE and Mozilla which doesn't appear
unless you use the mouse pointer to hover over the image)

Does anyone have a link about this?

Mark Howells

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