[thelist] Flash movie as a rollover

Michael Galvin mpgalvin at eircom.net
Thu Feb 14 15:20:11 CST 2002

Yeah, I kinda figured I'd have to do something similiar.  The main issue was
a complicated tabled graphic on the homepage that the rollover gifs are a
part of, which would mean some serious re-structuring.  The main reason for
the post was that the Flash movies, when converted to animated gifs, were a
little dodgy (white text on a coloured background was fragmented and
blurry), so we thought just leaving the Flash movie there was the solution.

We eventually went with nothing.  Screw the client.  :)

| At 11:35 AM 2/13/2, Michael Galvin wrote:
| > So there's a button graphic (standard gif) that
| > when rolled over, invokes the SWF file.
| Sorry, the browsers don't work that way. They can change the SRC attribute
| of an IMG tag pretty easily, but they won't readily write an IMG tag into
| an OBJECT/EMBED tag.
| However, you might handle this the same way Compaq does their buttons on
| the Yahoo site... just use a SWF file which handles its own rollover, no
| need for a GIF or ask the browsers to do anything at all.
 plus others saying much the same thing...

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