[thelist] Wanted: A better understanding of the inter-relationship between H

Josh Feingold josh.s.feingold at irs.gov
Fri Feb 15 14:40:00 CST 2002

The only reason I can think of to *really* delve into HTML 1.0 might be
useful is for purely academic reasons or if you are building a site for
version 1 browser enthusiasts.

My assumption is that to really understand something (and move from
amateur status to expert) I need to know where it comes from. If I have
this information you can predict where things will go.  This knowledge
also tends to help me to understand subtleties and gain insights into the

To be honest, a bit of historical curiosity is probably thrown in as
well... and you never know when someone is going to ask if you know what
the <lh> tag is for on the Evolt list.  :)


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