Liquid layouts and holy warfare (WAS RE: [thelist] Jakob Nielsen [was Anti-aliasing])

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> On Feb 26, John Handelaar had something to say about Liquid layouts and...
> >FWIW, this is why 'liquid' sites bug the hell out
> >of me.  Usability, to my mind, ought to pay some
> >attention to well-established design 'laws'
> >regarding the optimal width of text columns.
> >
> >As someone who more or less always works in
> >1024x768 or (in richer days) higher resolution,
> >generally speaking liquid layouts are unreadable
> >to me.
> I develop websites. I've never taken any classes on text column width
> theory. You want to leave the column with up to me?
> I'd rather leave it up to each individual user by creating a liquid design
> that allows for a mutable column width by resizing the window.

But they _nearly_ always set type sizes and then leave
the column width at >80%, innit?

I'm thinking about publishing a rant about how that
practice is 99% bad >:-)

/me ducks

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