[thelist] Outlook 2000 Problem

Sharon Merritt sharon at designwithmerritt.com
Tue Mar 12 10:19:01 CST 2002


 I just had this same problem on my new computer a month after I bought it.
I spent 5 hours on the phone with Microsoft and by the time I was done I was
working with two MS technicians fixing the problem. Gave me a whole new
outlook on MS. Their tech were great and awesome to work with.

After going through a ton of diagnostics they determined that when the
original software installation was done on my computer the disk used must
have been corrupt. Outlook actually needs outlook express to function. And
it was my outlook express files that were corrupt. The reason we were on the
phone so long was I had to back up all my data files and them reformat my HD
and reinstall my OS from the disk that came with my computer to get a clean
install. Since I did this a few week ago everything has been running much
better and faster.

I too was getting a lot of low memory errors on my computer which is a Pent
IV 1.8 gz, 512RAM. I have not had the problem since re formatting. The other
thing the MS tech's told me is that it is always better to reformat a HD on
a new computer and reinstall the OS and software that came with it before
loading anything new. That way you know you are starting with a clean
install. When you buy a computer it was imaged along with probably a
thousand or more computers from a single disk all at the same time and
potentially could have corrupt files.

I know from now on I will be reformatting any new computers I get and doing
a clean install before I use it! For us high end users I think it a good

Hope this helps!


Sharon Ann Merritt
Design With Merritt

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Hi All,
    I have a problem that just started the other day. I am running Outlook
2000 on my laptop.

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