[thelist] Programming language/database suggestions?

Tony Grimes algrimes at acs.ucalgary.ca
Wed Mar 13 10:00:00 CST 2002

> Any suggestions that would help him choose?

We're building an ecommerce site and this is what we chose:

- FreeBSD -- Very secure and reliable, but high learning curve.
- PHP -- Another front-runner was mod_perl, but the programmer was more
         familiar with PHP.
- Apache -- Of course :)
- PostgreSQL -- Instead of MySQL because (1) we needed real transactions,
subqueries and triggers (Yes, I DO know the capabilities of the latest
MySQL, and it still falls short) (2) the latest builds of PostgreSQL are
blazingly fast and close the gap considerably on MySQL. If your friend
doesn't need anything fancy, MySQL would be the optimal choice because of
its price and speed.

Hope this helps.


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