[thelist] <h1> tag in search engines?

Mark Howells mark at mountain.ch
Fri Mar 15 07:24:01 CST 2002

>> In addition to the comment about NN4's rendering of <h1> tags, you will
>> encounter a problem when placing <h1> in the middle of another block
>> container, such as <p>. This is not valid. Other than that, I can't see
>> any problems with his suggestion.
> It isn't *invalid* to put a <Hn> tag inside a <p>. It is *impossible*.

It is totally possible to put <Hn> inside a <p>. It will kill the layout and
fall over in many browsers, but it is possible. I was warning against doing
this and using display:inline in CSS to avoid the <Hn> line breaks.

> The </p> tag is optional. When a block-level tag is reached following a
> <p>, the <p> ends.

Only in the older versions of HTML. In the specification which has been
current since 2000 (XHTML 1), all "opening" tags must be balanced by a
"closing" tag. The omission of a closing <p> tag will play havoc with styles
and layouts controlled with CSS in most browsers.

Mark Howells

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