[thelist] Dots (.) in image file names

Salagean Catalin cds at orizont.net
Sun Mar 17 06:39:00 CST 2002

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: Internet Explorer 5.5:   story.microsoft.gates (GATES file)
: Opera 6.2:                   story.microsoft.gates.jpeg (JPEG image)
: Netscape 4.77:            story.microsoft.gates.jpeg (JPEG image)
: Netscape 6.2:              story.microsoft.gates.jpeg (JPEG image)
: Note that only Internet Explorer saved the file with an invalid
: extension (hence, invalid file format). Other browsers worked well. May
: be, there is a bug in Internet Explorer which must be removed by
: Microsoft.

I wouldn't call that a bug. IE saves the image just as it is, without any
transformation. IT IS a jpeg image, even if it doesn't have jpg extension.
Other browsers append jpg extension. The extension is just a hit to what the
file contains, it doesn't affect file contents. You could shift-right-click
on the file and choose "open with.." internet explorer, and you would see
the image.

: I deduced all these results after reading your reply. So thanks to you.
: But one little thing. I often save images from internet for my personal
: use (not commercial use) and all of them are saved with *.jpg extension
: (if they are JPEG images) but in above results Opera and Netscape used
: *.jpeg extension which is not very familiar to me. I use Microsoft
: PhotoEditor to view images. This software does not recognize *.jpeg
: extension while Microsoft Imaging (a part of Windows) does recognize.
: Microsoft PhotoEditor recognizes only *.jpg extension.

.jpeg and .jpg extensions are equivalent.

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