[thelist] real men code by hand...

rudy r937 at interlog.com
Sun Mar 17 09:53:01 CST 2002

> I agree -- insisting on only using Notepad is sheer masochism.
> It's like slicing tomatoes using a butter knife. Sure, if there's nothing
> else to hand it will do the job, but you'll do it better and more quickly
> by getting a proper chef's knife and keeping it sharp.

whoa, notepad and knives and tomatoes?  aardvark will go nuts, if we let
him, since he's passionate about all three of those things

with notepad, aardvark keeps his html sharp, so he can handle any tomato he
comes across...

i don't think he's against using the best tool, just against the tool
thinking it's smarter than he is

someone else, dependent on a tag completion editor, say, who is forced to
use notepad (come on, work with me here) might forget to close all his tags

there are any number of notepad-like editors (i personally use something
called pfe) and i don't think anyone, even aardvark, is actually saying to
use *only* notepad

anyhow, veronica, you are on very shaky ground with the use of a word like
"proper" -- way too subjective



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