[thelist] real men code by hand...

Christopher Orth corth at nwlink.com
Sun Mar 17 10:05:01 CST 2002

> Well, My personal opinion is that hand coding is the only way to get
> control of a page. Besides, I'm faster with hand coding than I'm with

It still amazes me to see threads like this go around.  Here the learned
truths in my universe.

1 - Hand coding is cleaner, but much slower, and if you don¹t want your
company to go bust like all the other dot bombs you better put your hand
coding pride away and find a better way to meet your bottom line.

2 - Dreamweaver is only "not hand coding" if you use it as-is out of the
box.  But if you get over your years old BS attitude of "editors are no
good" and actually look at Dreamweaver you learn that you can hand code the
way Dreamweaver applies it's code.  Then your WYSIWYG experience is actually
your very own "hand code" being applied quicker and easier.

3 - The end decision for me is always to err on the side of the viewer, not
the hand coder.  So I do what's best for the end user and that often means
using an editor to get the site built in an afternoon rather than a month.
We sites shouldn¹t take eons to make, and they shouldn¹t be focused more on
the developers than the content owners.  Remember good content celebrates

And that's just my opinion!   ; )


Christopher Orth
corth at nwlink.com
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