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Try Teleport Pro, you can get it from http://www.tenmax.com



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> > From: Gina K. Anderson [mailto:gina at sitediva.com]
> > In need of a web site downloader that will pull down the site
> > as structured in
> > the server. I need a mirror of the site, not an altered one
> > :) I've looked at
> > several, but the ones I've seen don't tell me if it messes
> > with the folder and
> > file structure or not. I've tried two, and I don't get what I want.
> I needed to put a copy of our web site on a CD for a sales meeting (where
> they wouldn't have an internet connection).  I tried several, but I was
> satisfied with Web Copier from -- http://www.maximumsoft.com/
> At the time I got it, they had a limited version that was available for
> free.  Now I see that they have a new version which is shareware for $30.
> This product is well worth the price.  It was a snap to set up and use. It
> also pulled all of the data out of the database for the dynamic pages and
> constructed the proper links.  It kept all of the structure of the web
> in tact, as well.
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