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Shoshannah Forbes xslf at
Thu Mar 21 13:24:13 CST 2002

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> From: Nicole Parrot [mailto:nicole at]
> Comments in layman's terms would be appreciated too. We already pointed the
> client to Aadvark's article about absolute positioning, but that's too
> complex for someone who's not a web developper (even the marketing company
> didn't understand it).

I am here on IE5 Mac with a high resolution display (1280x1024), and most
the text is so small is not readable (like in ).
On the other hand, when I enlarge my font to a nice size, line brakes become
strange since many of them are hard coded...
Considering that who ever did the site specified a 9 pixel font, while most
fonts need at least 12 pixels in order to render properly, this is hardly
Shoshannah Forbes

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