[thelist] OT: Scottish Designers (average wage)

Alastair Murdoch alastair at 19nine78.net
Mon Apr 1 05:24:01 CST 2002

>From looking at the recruitment sites and from my own experience of trying
to find work in the west coast, you can expect the 'average' wage to vary
widely depending on who you ask and who's doing the advertising. Personally
I've seen jobs as low as £12K for two years experience, which is a bit
pi**-poor IMHO...

How much experience have you got?? and what in??

If you've one to two years and have a reasonable skillset (good html,
asp/php/etc. or good design skills), I'd be looking for around £16-£18k mark
as an absolute minimum, anything less and they're taking the mickey.

best of luck, shout if you need anymore help.



(also looking for work...)

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I'm planning on moving to Aberdeen this summer.
I've been offered a job, but I really have no basis for comparison as to
whether or not the wage is reasonable.
I'd appreciate any information on the cost of living and average design
wages in Scotland, the UK &/or the Aberdeen area specifically.
Sorry for this rather OT post...


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