[thelist] FW: Q on Freelance

John Corry webshot at members.evolt.org
Mon Apr 1 17:39:01 CST 2002

I dunno if establishing hte fact that you work for free is the best business
move you can make :)

I was in a similar situation as the guy who started this thread a year or so
ago. I am registered and have a portfolio at bullhorn.com and other
freelance creative/web portals and never got jack from them.

The way I solved this problem was : I partnered with a businessman. I found
this guy who wanted to be an independent contractor and wanted to work in
the teck sector. He has a knowledge of the internet and used to work as a
programmer, but he doesn't know anything about web production really...he
knows about business. His job is to sell our services, define what our
services will be, manage accounts, invoice clients...all that business stuff
that I'm no good at. My job is now to approve his business development
decisions and to just produce websites according to the specs that we both
come up with together.

He does all my requirements gathering for me too, its great!


> Wouldn't ones' time=money be better invested in working with people on
> non-profit websites (work for free) and have their name/company/group be
> featured on a free directory?

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