[thelist] FW: Q on Freelance

James Q. Stansfield jqs at iridani.net
Mon Apr 1 19:58:01 CST 2002

    How the heck did you find this guy and are there any more like him? What
you've got is exactly what I need!

    Besides being a full-time web developer, I have a small web-hosting biz
on the side but I barely have time (ie: I find it too broing) to actually
find new customers, let alone make sure I get my bills out on time...


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> I dunno if establishing hte fact that you work for free is the best
> move you can make :)
> I was in a similar situation as the guy who started this thread a year or
> ago. I am registered and have a portfolio at bullhorn.com and other
> freelance creative/web portals and never got jack from them.
> The way I solved this problem was : I partnered with a businessman. I
> this guy who wanted to be an independent contractor and wanted to work in
> the teck sector. He has a knowledge of the internet and used to work as a
> programmer, but he doesn't know anything about web production really...he
> knows about business. His job is to sell our services, define what our
> services will be, manage accounts, invoice clients...all that business
> that I'm no good at. My job is now to approve his business development
> decisions and to just produce websites according to the specs that we both
> come up with together.
> He does all my requirements gathering for me too, its great!
> John
> > Wouldn't ones' time=money be better invested in working with people on
> > non-profit websites (work for free) and have their name/company/group be
> > featured on a free directory?
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