[thelist] how "heavy" do you make each page?

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Tue Apr 2 14:30:01 CST 2002

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Don't know why Rons comments bugged me so much ?

Guess it's because, as anyone working online knows, the biggest headache and
the greatest fun, is making the most amasing work you can produce, "fast as
fuck", amd all the tricks and techniques sussed over the years to make that
happen, from image processing to essential content streaming, it takes years
of mistakes to know how to include all these things from the start.

the "Then again, maybe we just make things 'bigger' here in Texas" just capped
it ? surely that must include the biggest wanker ?

Don't mean to get personal, but not everyone on this list needs respect....
really glad he's happy with his intranet, but as I'm having a bad day, he can
piss off...

Thanks... feel better now...


From: "Luther, Ron"
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Subject: RE: [thelist] how "heavy" do you make each page?
Date: Tue, 2 Apr 2002 14:12:40 -0600
Hi Gang,
... and now a slightly 'contrarian' point of view ... ;-)
While I've come to believe that "lite is right", and that wasting bandwidth
falls somewhere amidst the litany of neo-venial sins, I think you also have to
consider the value of the content to the user, (is it 'business critical' for
them?), as well as whether the content is available from other sources or not.
I always kind of smile when I see these '7' or '27' second rules of thumb.
Don't get me wrong - I see the value and 'considerate-ness' in having a light
footprint. Also, hanging around here has educated me on the
pay-per-connect-minute access that is the primary access available in some
parts of the world today.
But I work on an intranet. I've got users that want to see 'everything' and
see it 'all at once'. That takes time.
I've got some report 'pages' that take roughly an hour to come up. That's
sixty minutes on a client machine with *lots* of memory sitting on a big fat
corporate pipe pulling information off a tuned Oracle database on a internal
(and local) corporate server. [Moral: Don't try working at home!]
I dunno - I'm not picking on anyone - but I guess I just wanted to point out
that when you need to return 500,000 records of data weighing in at 30+ Mb on
a single page ... '7' seconds isn't really an option.
(Then again, maybe we just make things 'bigger' here in Texas.) ;-)
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From: aardvark [mailto:roselli at earthlink.net]
personally, i target no higher than 24k, and then take sizes above
that no a case-by-case basis...
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