[thelist] how "heavy" do you make each page?

David Wagner dave at worlddomination.net
Tue Apr 2 17:44:01 CST 2002

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Lawrence X wrote:

> Don't know why Rons comments bugged me so much ?

I'm nor sure either. While I consider his points to be a little
off-the-mark (*of course* there are exceptions to the "rules"!), I'm
more interested in hearing everyone share their opinion. I don't think
Ron did so in a rude or negative way. I'll chalk it up to the bad day...
but please remember that there's no need to bring a bad day on-list.

Anyway, I actually joined this thread to post a reminder:

<tip type="Bandwidth and Page Size" author="David Wagner">

When considering the weight of a page, and its download time, remember
that there are many, many factors aside from the strict number of bytes.
- Different client machines may download at varying rates, even if they
have the same modem (or broadband) speed, especially in the 56K realm
where a lot of the data compression is performed by the client's processor.
- Different web servers can offer quite a variety of prioritization and
delivery methods.
- And, something that all developers can work on: the number of
connections significantly affects download time. If you split your
beautifully designed page into 57 different beautifully optimized GIFs,
and each one is 1000 bytes, it will take much longer to download on my
56K (really 38 - 40K) connection than a single 60K GIF with an imagemap.



David Wagner
dave at worlddomination.net

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