[thelist] how "heavy" do you make each page?

phil crawford crawford_phil at hotmail.com
Tue Apr 2 15:40:01 CST 2002

It seems to me the term "page" is not accurate enough.  What page?  I am
more willing to wait for the details of a record, or a flash demonstration
or a product that I'm interested in purchasing than I'm willing to wait for
a home page to load of a site I've never visited.

To me, each link/page download has a value proposition.  What is the value
to me to click on this link and wait? The cost is my time.  For sites where
I have a history of getting good value, I'm willing to wait more.  For a
site that I have no or little history, I'm willing to wait less.

I think Jared Spool has actually seen data like this for how long people
would wait to download images, but he can probably comment more completely
on this issue.


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