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Lawrence X lawcom at hotmail.com
Tue Apr 2 14:46:07 CST 2002

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Your mistake is in the question, you never ever build a site without

The formula to use, is to divide your payments in to 3, you give them a site
plan, a design brief, and some kind of time scale, then even before you make
your first tag, you negotiate the price and take 1/3 of the agreed totally
payment, another 1/3 when you get to Alphasite and the final1/3 on completion.

You may think your being nice and don't want to hassle people cause you want
the job etc... but more respect and worth for your work will be gained from
setting out these steps from the begining.... I tend to go further and if it's
a start up buy the domain first and make sure your paid before transfering the
domain over to them.... yep ! it's a dirty business and more than a few people
will try to shit on you before you get the message.... "business is business"

Sounds like you have learned a lesson and will be out off pocket... not the
next time though eh !!!!


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