[thelist] copyrights and linking

James S. Huggins (Evolt) Evolt at ZName.com
Tue Apr 2 16:35:01 CST 2002

I don't know the law on this, but it seems wrong to link directly to the
picture, and not the HTML page that contains the picture.  It's not quite
hijacking the content (where you embed the image in your page but it's
served from someone else's site), but it's not quite the same as
referencing their site, either.

Here are the questions I ask?

Would it be illegal for me to print up a flyer, and hand it out at the mall,
if that flyer says

    If you want to see one of my pictures
    go to this URL

Would it be illegal for me to print that in plain text document on my
website so that people can see it and save the paper?

Would it be illegal for me to surround the URL with additional codes so that
a browser could go directly to the URL instead of the person having to type
it or copy/paste it?

I am not a lawyer. But I'd argue none of these are illegal.

James S. Huggins


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