[thelist] Creating FTP Users with PHP

Jake Aust mail_lists at jakesdiner.com
Tue Apr 2 17:07:08 CST 2002

> Another option, which may be better, is to use ProFTPd's external
> authentication abilities, ie to MySQL.  If you're using PAM, you can
> setup a system that completely authenticates to an external source (you
> can do without, however it's not that easy).

This is what I would love to do. I will be maintaining a user database in
MySQL anyway to handle permissions within the Web Application. It would be
great if I could get ProFTPD's authentication to access my MySQL database
for permission. However...this is WAY new territory for me. I have figured
out that the system is using PAM for authentication and it seems that each
of my domains have a separate /etc/pam.d directory with the config files,
however I have no idea how to use them. Where do I go for good explanations
on this. The ProFTPD website has some info, but it is a bit sketchy. Also,
the section on SQL database authentication has been removed.

Point me in the right direction?


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