[thelist] Reciprocal Links (commercial)

Marcia Welter mhwelter at welterweb.com
Wed Apr 3 03:40:01 CST 2002

>will increase his traffic and his page ranking in Google (allegedly).

Rules 1, 2 and 3 - stay away from link farms. Try for "complementary" but
not competing; a lot depends on the industry how much links are actually
followed and draw traffic. The most important of all is the link from ODP.
Pick the category carefully, read the instructions through and if at all
possible, get the primary keyword phrase into the title and description,
though it's dubious whether they'll make it into both. Follow their
instructions carefully and under-do rather than over-do; my last few
submissions, the editors actually increased my descriptions. They get tired
of spammy submissions, gotta have a heart - they're volunteers.

Also, a Yahoo Directory listing, now $299 a year. Go through the category
and look carefully at the titles and descriptions; the placement seems to be
algorithmically determined.

Page Rank for Google scoring is not alleged, it's real - but only part of
the picture; read up on optimization, that's balanced out with the link pop.
Sheer numbers are important for really competitive terms, but basically it's
quality rather than quantity. Download the toolbar and use it to check the
PR of sites when checking them out to link to. It's all numbers, and a link
from a PR3 page with 40 links isn't worth much. A link from a PR5 page with
less than 10 is worth infinitely more. PR6 and higher links are a dream come

Dig out specialty directories for submission, in some industries those can
be very useful.

It goes without saying that the URL goes on all printed materials and
off-line advertising. Also, if there are legitimate niche sites that have
very good traffic, some degree of advertising on them can sometimes be

Then there's the viral marketing - putting out a newsletter, placing
articles on related sites, etc.  A lot depends on the industry, but imho
free or reasonable search engine listings or good PPC advertising are the
most consistent and targeted at the beginning.


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> I have a client with a commercial site that is trying to increase
> his online
> marketing.  I'm creating a list of possible things he can do, and one of
> them is reciprocal links which will increase his traffic and his page
> ranking in Google (allegedly).
> However, I've never tried this reciprocal linking lark with a commercial
> site.  I would be under the impression that sites of a similar
> nature would
> be competitors and I can't imagine any site that would link to them for
> free.
> Any thoughts?
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