[thelist] Reciprocal Links (commercial)

Ben Phillips ben at inchima.com
Wed Apr 3 04:58:01 CST 2002

> ODP and Inktomi (pay or pray to get into that one) figure for
> AOL Search, which is very important, particularly in certain
> niches. My last ODP submission took less than a week, the
> category has an active editor. Some categories are so backed
> up they can take forever.

if you submit a site to dmoz, and it doesn't appear for ages, then that
category probably needs an editor. in fact, if you go to your category
and look down to the bottom of the page, then you will see that there is
information about the editor at the bottom of the page.

check out curling... <http://dmoz.org/Sports/Curling/> ...you will see
that it needs an editor. if you have been trying to get your brand new
curling website into dmoz, then you won't have had much luck. below
that, you will see the button where you can apply to become an editor.

so, why not try it? you get to put your site in immediately (if you are
accepted), and you can also keep the category active. don't be tempted
to remove all your competitors, you will get noticed and kicked out, and
you website will probably be banned from the odp. instead, keep the
category active and remove all the dead links and add a few sites of
your own.

we have done this with one of our client's websites, and now they are
now listed in the category and enjoy a huge amount of traffic from their
and from related sites (including the google directory). as long as you
don't take advantage of your position and remove all the other links
then it works wonders.


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