[thelist] Reciprocal Links (commercial)

Marcia Welter mhwelter at welterweb.com
Wed Apr 3 05:46:01 CST 2002

While we're on the subject of nonobvious listings, I
found to my amazement that a very good listing in
Looksmart can have a spectacular effect, since it's
the engine under the hood at MSN Search.

John Handelaar

No more John. They sent a letter out yesterday - the directory listings are
all being switched to Pay per Click. The people will be issued a credit good
for so many clicks and after that, it's pay for each one. No more stay there
for the $299. They're not telling much, here's what they've got so far:


It will cost for each click, just like Overture - which incidentally is good
now for MSN and AOL.


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