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> While we're on the subject of nonobvious listings, I
> found to my amazement that a very good listing in
> Looksmart can have a spectacular effect, since it's
> the engine under the hood at MSN Search.
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> John Handelaar
> No more John. They sent a letter out yesterday - the directory
> listings are
> all being switched to Pay per Click. The people will be issued a
> credit good
> for so many clicks and after that, it's pay for each one. No more
> stay there
> for the $299. They're not telling much, here's what they've got so far:
> http://listings.looksmart.com/home/preannounce.jhtml

That's not what your link says.

I think you may be confusing site submission with their
'Site Promote' service, which is an advertising programme.
To be fair, the way they lay their pages out, it looks
like you're *supposed* to confuse them.

They've still got a one-off submission fee.


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