[thelist] Online poll issues

Daniel J. Cody djc at members.evolt.org
Wed Apr 3 09:30:00 CST 2002

Great idea Rachel! Sounds like your post has stirred up a lot of
interest, so I'm sure you'll get a good response.. If you need someone
to bounce ideas off or posting to the evolt site, feel free to gimme a
holler :)


On Wednesday, April 3, 2002, at 04:26 AM, Rachel Cunliffe wrote:

> Hi all,
> Would anyone be interested if I wrote an article (yeeks, my first) on
> evolt
> regarding the issues (read validity problems, potential biases)
> surrounding
> online polling/surveys?  I teach statistics at a university here and
> took a
> class discussion recently on this topic.. seems that most online
> polls/surveys could really use a disclaimer and a bit of thought...

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