[thelist] ASP and another frame's form contents

Michael Galvin michael at sourcedesign.ie
Thu Apr 4 09:33:00 CST 2002

Right, I might be asking too much of myself (and simple HTML/ASP) here, but:

I have 3 frames, one contains a form with 1 field containing a hex value, eg
#000000.  The middle frame contains a submit button.  Finally there's a
third frame containing ASP which among other things needs to set the colour
of a line of text to be the same as the hex value in the first frame.

I can't have the form and submit button in the same frame, which would be
the solution to my problem, but it does refresh the ASP page, so there
should be something I can do with body onload in there.  I can get the value
contained in the form in the first frame but I have no idea how to get <font
color=> to recognise it.

Help would be good.

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