[thelist] wehavethewayout.com

MRC webmaster at equilon-mrc.com
Thu Apr 4 10:30:08 CST 2002


> the form doesn't work without JS enabled...
> <input id=submit1 name=submit1 type=button
> onclick="CheckTheFields()" value="Submit">

    Curiously enough, when I checked the page I saw something totally

<form method="POST" action="_vti_bin/shtml.exe/index.html" onsubmit="return
FrontPage_Form1_Validator(this)" name="FrontPage_Form1"
<input type="submit" value="Submit" name="B1">

    But then I suspected that the corporate proxy server might have the
_old_ version of the page in its cache, and sure enough a refresh forced a
new copy from the server -- with the code you saw. So, when they moved the
site, the reworked the form, dropping the FP stuff in favor of a
Javascript-dependent approach.

James Aylard

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