[thelist] Scrollable text area - fixup to script

Jonas Bohlin jonas at halogen.com
Thu Apr 4 12:29:00 CST 2002

I have to say this...
it is an absolutely brilliant solution to use the three nested layers. that
even allows it to work in ie4.5 on the mac (what with the clipping and
*roaring applause*

just one this though...
since when did the HEIGHT attribute work in netscape 4x?
I thought it was funnny, so I went ahead and tried in a blank document...
just like this:
    <TD HEIGHT="100">Why</TD>
    <TD HEIGHT="100">my</TD>
    <TD HEIGHT="50">it</TD>
    <TD HEIGHT="50">works!</TD>

it thought this didn't work... what am I missing?

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I just noticed the version on my site is old, before I got it working with
NN6. Uploading newer version as we speak that will work with NN6 as well as
the others....


on that note, can anyone explain why the "overflow:hidden" style command
doesn't seem to work properly with NN6? There is still a scrollbar, which
changes according to the position of the scolled text element, even though
the layer is clipped and overflow is set to hidden. It causes some jerkiness
in the scroll for NN6.


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