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Rob Smith rob.smith at thermon.com
Thu Apr 4 12:31:02 CST 2002

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Found another quick cool one from Xenu


It worked on my site with well over 1000 URL's

The site map isn't fancy and is "listed" as an unordered list.

It clearly states in the documentation:
No need to. If you feel the software is useful, you may donate money to
causes I support.
AFF is a nonprofit, tax-exempt research center and educational organization
founded in 1979. AFF's mission is to study psychological manipulation and
cultic groups, to educate the public and professionals, and to assist those
who have been adversely affected by a cult-related experience. I suggest a
donation of $20 for individuals and $200 for corporations. In the US, your
donation can be deducted from your income. (AFF does not endorse this site
in any way, did not develop this software, does not sell this software, and
the use of this software does not depend whether or not you make a
If tax deduction isn't an issue, pleass make a generous donation to the
lawsuit of the Lisa McPherson estate against Scientology. Lisa McPherson was
a girl who died at the "care" of the scientology organisation. Details on
http://www.lisamcpherson.org or
http://www.lisatrust.net/stories/victims/lisa.htm. What happened to Lisa is
worse than what I have ever heard in stories about nursing home deaths. Here
is how she looked after her death.
Send checks to:
Lisa McPherson estate defense fund
c/o Law Offices of Dandar & Dandar
PO Box 24597
Tampa, FL 33623

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Thanks, this is exactly what I was looking for!

> Mercury Interactive has a great one that was free :-)

This, however, was not. :-)

> Visio Professional 2002 does this in an expensive,
> MS-centric kind of way :-)


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