[thelist] Mac sound editing (for web, etc)

Erika Meyer emeyer at lclark.edu
Thu Apr 4 15:38:00 CST 2002

I'm just told Macromedia is ditching SoundEdit 16(?)

Can someone help me?

1. if you have a Mac, and you want to edit sound (not movies)
with some sophistication + simple interface, what software do you like to use?

2. if you have a Mac and you want to edit sound & movies what do you use?

I want to chop up mp3's, maybe enhance & edit sound quality... also
work in other formats: wav (for flash), & whatever... mainly for web

I have OS9 & would prefer to get software that is going to be
upgrade-able & also for OSX.


cc'ing thelist & thechat 'cause even though it's about the web, it's
not just about the web.  So anyway, here's a

emulates some forms of colorblind vision for your web page.  but
wait!  do you use CSS for presentational elements?  too bad, because
Vischeck simply turns off the stylesheet.

but wait again!  a little bird from the Stanford University tells me
there may be partial support for CSS "within a week or so."

so you might want to check back at
and see how things are going...

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