[thelist] Mac sound editing (for web, etc)

Diego Lafuente dlafuente at livra.com
Thu Apr 4 15:42:01 CST 2002

Peak is a good alternative.

I don't know much software for sound editing but SoundEdit and Peak are good


On 4/4/02 6:37 PM, "Erika Meyer" <emeyer at lclark.edu> wrote:

> I'm just told Macromedia is ditching SoundEdit 16(?)
> Can someone help me?
> 1. if you have a Mac, and you want to edit sound (not movies)
> with some sophistication + simple interface, what software do you like to use?
> 2. if you have a Mac and you want to edit sound & movies what do you use?
> I want to chop up mp3's, maybe enhance & edit sound quality... also
> work in other formats: wav (for flash), & whatever... mainly for web
> stuff.
> I have OS9 & would prefer to get software that is going to be
> upgrade-able & also for OSX.
> Erika
> cc'ing thelist & thechat 'cause even though it's about the web, it's
> not just about the web.  So anyway, here's a
> <tip>
> http://www.vischeck.com/
> emulates some forms of colorblind vision for your web page.  but
> wait!  do you use CSS for presentational elements?  too bad, because
> Vischeck simply turns off the stylesheet.
> but wait again!  a little bird from the Stanford University tells me
> there may be partial support for CSS "within a week or so."
> so you might want to check back at
> http://www.vischeck.com/
> and see how things are going...
> </tip>
> --

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