[thelist] url forwarding

BT Bigpant bigpant at btinternet.com
Thu Apr 4 16:31:02 CST 2002

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The problem is that using dns redirection, there is no referrer header,
making impossible the use of referrers. THAT is the problem.

To answer your question with a question: Could you alter the DNS redirection
so that a GET variable is appended to the end of the URL, depending on which
domain referred it ?

I don't know a great deal about DNS redirection, but I assume there must be
one entry for every one of your domains. So instead of this:

domain1.com -> realhost.com
domain2.com -> realhost.com
domain3.com -> realhost.com

you would have this:

domain1.com -> realhost.com/redirect.cgi?host=1
domain2.com -> realhost.com/redirect.cgi?host=2
domain3.com -> realhost.com/redirect.cgi?host=3

You would need a script to grab the GET var and do something useful with it.
If there weren't so many (600 + !!!), you could try the same approach with
individually named static HTML pages containing a meta refresh. That way,
your stats log would be more useful.

Phil Parker

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