[thelist] url forwarding

Jon Hall jonhall at ozline.net
Thu Apr 4 19:11:01 CST 2002

The term DNS redirection is confusing, DNS does not do any kind of
redirection, it simply reports back the ip of the hostname you looked up.
DNS only translates ips and domains, it has no concept of http, so the below
solution wont work if whoever is doing the "redirection" is actually just
hosting the DNS records for these 600 domains. Besides, I doubt a registrar
would let someone modify anything on one of their servers...

There is no referer header if someone just types in the url, or if the
client doesn't support sending it, or if it is a javascript based redirect,
or if the web server provides no means to access the header, or perhaps if
there is some kind of proxy/firewall involved.
My hunch is that the problem is one,or a combination of the above issues.

You will get a referer header if the redirect is a http header file-moved
type, or if the user is clicking on a link to get to the site, provided of
course the server supports it (most do). I'm not sure about meta-refresh

To answer the original question, I'd simply do my own DNS hosting or pay
someone to use theirs. 600 domains ain't cheap, so I assume someone has a
couple simoleans to pay for dns hosting...call your isp or webhoster.

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> The problem is that using dns redirection, there is no referrer header,
> making impossible the use of referrers. THAT is the problem.
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> To answer your question with a question: Could you alter the DNS
> so that a GET variable is appended to the end of the URL, depending on
> domain referred it ?

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