[thelist] problems with wmz files

Scarlett Julian (ED) Julian.Scarlett at sheffield.gov.uk
Fri Apr 5 05:49:01 CST 2002

Hi all

you may remeber a while back someone asked about the best way to get images
from a word doc and modify them. I replied saying to save the doc as a web
page and then use the images in the resulting folder that is created. I have
just been doing that and have come across an anomaly that I hope someone
will be able to answer. In this particular doc there are two graphs which
which OLE graphs from an xls spreadsheet. Upon converting the doc to html
one of the graphs ended up as a gif (great) and the other as a wmz (not so
great). I can't seem to find any image manipulation app to open the wmz file
and the only info I have found is that it's a skin for Windows Media Player.
Any ideas?


Julian Scarlett
Web Design & Document Management System Officer
Education Directorate
Sheffield City Council
0114 2735721
mob 07904914976
julian.scarlett at sheffield.gov.uk

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