[thelist] problems with wmz files

John Handelaar genghis at members.evolt.org
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> Subject: [thelist] problems with wmz files
> which OLE graphs from an xls spreadsheet. Upon converting the doc to html
> one of the graphs ended up as a gif (great) and the other as a wmz (not so
> great). I can't seem to find any image manipulation app to open
> the wmz file
> and the only info I have found is that it's a skin for Windows
> Media Player.
> Any ideas?

WMZ is a Windows Media Player skin file.  But I'll bet cash
that what you actually have is something in WMF format (Windows
Metafile), even if the suffix has been changed for some reason.

WMF is basically vector art, and loads of Illustrator-type
apps will load and convert it.  Windows-based DTP apps, too.

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