[thelist] CSS Positioning help - box outline probs in NS & Opera

Kevin p+evolt at redbrick.dcu.ie
Fri Apr 5 13:59:01 CST 2002

Hi all,

I've just beedn playing around with CSS some more, and i'm getting the hang of
it quite well at this stage. Just a few problems that maybe you can help me

If you coudl answer any of my problems at all i'd be grateful. (:


1) In Opera5 & NS6 the main box in the example doesn't wrap around all of the
text in the div it's in.  I've never come accross this before, and i'm
wondering what causes it. It does in IE6.
2) The pink box with code in the centre.  How do I make that wrap to the size
of the text inside it?

Actually, it's just the two for now. (:

- Kevin

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