[thelist] CSS Positioning help - box outline probs in NS & Opera

Marc Seyon seyon at delime.com
Fri Apr 5 14:48:00 CST 2002

Hi Kevin,

>If you coudl answer any of my problems at all i'd be grateful. (:
>1) In Opera5 & NS6 the main box in the example doesn't wrap around all of the
>text in the div it's in.  I've never come accross this before, and i'm
>wondering what causes it. It does in IE6.

Taking a look at your CSS...
         /* Positioning */
         position: absolute;
         padding-top: 50px;
         padding-left: 5%;
         padding-right: 10%;
         top: 30px;
         left: 10%;
--->    height:40px;
         width: 65%;

Might want to remove the height attribute - probably a remnant from
copy/pasting the code from your #header rule :-)

>2) The pink box with code in the centre.  How do I make that wrap to the size
>of the text inside it?

Pink box worked fine for me... not sure what the problem you're
encountering is.


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