[thelist] Frustrating problem

Ken Kogler ken at kenkogler.com
Fri Apr 5 16:12:00 CST 2002


It seems that this ?aa querysting is causing the problems. Looking at
the code (at least for the page you gave me), it seems that you're
passing "aa" every time. Does the querystring parameter ever change? If
not, then this could easily be rewritten to avoid this whole mess...

If the querystring *does* change, then that changes things (NPI, of

The best thing to do when faced with code that just doesn't work is to
slowly eliminate options... I'd suggest replacing this code in your js

var qStr= location.search.substring(1);
var parsedQString=qStr.split("&");
var mrAddress= parsedQString[0];

With this:

var myAddress = "aa";

If it works, then you know it's a problem with all that querystring
manipulation you're doing.

You may also want to change the href="javascript:void(0);" portion of
those links with href="#".


> Did you try the buttons on that ctwsee.html page Ken? This
> was the problem.
> Clicking on the buttons didn't do anything with some browsers.

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