[thelist] Frustrating problem

Peter Small peter at genps.demon.co.uk
Fri Apr 5 16:58:00 CST 2002

Thanks Ken.

I'd just done this before receiving your post (see my previous post).

Do the buttons work with you now?


>It seems that this ?aa querysting is causing the problems. Looking at
>the code (at least for the page you gave me), it seems that you're
>passing "aa" every time. Does the querystring parameter ever change? If
>not, then this could easily be rewritten to avoid this whole mess...
>If the querystring *does* change, then that changes things (NPI, of
>The best thing to do when faced with code that just doesn't work is to
>slowly eliminate options... I'd suggest replacing this code in your js
>var qStr= location.search.substring(1);
>var parsedQString=qStr.split("&");
>var mrAddress= parsedQString[0];
>With this:
>var myAddress = "aa";
>If it works, then you know it's a problem with all that querystring
>manipulation you're doing.
>You may also want to change the href="javascript:void(0);" portion of
>those links with href="#".
>> Did you try the buttons on that ctwsee.html page Ken? This
>> was the problem.
>> Clicking on the buttons didn't do anything with some browsers.
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