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On 29 Apr 2002 at 18:53, Adrian Fischer posted a message which said:

> Does anyone here host with Dreamhost?  I have for a few years now but am
> experiencing lots of problems with them of late.  I had no email for 6
> days recently and now cannot get mysql going (was working fine up until
> 4 days ago).  Numerous attempt to get it resolved have been unfruitful.
> Getting a response from their support is near on impossible. You really
> feel like hitting them with both barrels but I hold back thinking that
> the support request goes to a different person every time.

They sent out an announcement on the 17th advising that we needed to
check the name of the host where we were checking mail:

"This should be 'mail.yourdomain' where yourdomain is YOUR domain.
(NOTE: If it's set to hoggle.dreamhost.com, change it now and try
again!  It will stop working in a matter of days if it hasn't

Dreamhost is physically moving many servers today, the 29th, so I
imagine that things may be a little flakey the rest of the week.

Why don't you post on their bulletin board? When you post a request at
the web panel, you don't know who is going to handle it, but both Jeff
and Josh pay pretty close attention to their board, and if you've been
getting bad support, they would like to know about it.

I've been using Dreamhost since 1998 or so. A couple of years ago, a
cracker got in and erased a bunch of people's websites *and* erased a
lot of backups, and they had a lot of *really* unhappy customers for a
couple of weeks, but on the whole, they've been pretty good. When I
post a support request on the web panel, they usually take care of it
in a couple of hours, instead of the 24 hours they promise.

> Any one else having problems with them.  I'm thinking about changing
> host to one that is closer  to home (AUST).

If the hosting company is in the same time zone that you're in, I
suppose that might affect how many techies they have on duty when you
are awake. OTOH, it would affect how many other websites are asking for
tech support at the same time you are.

I hate the idea of switching web hosting companies. It seems like 49%
of them are run by used car salesmen that wouldn't know a packet if it
hit them in the face, and 49% are run by techies that don't begin to
understand good business practices. Finding the other 2% is pretty


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