[thelist] IE 5.5 crashing...

kris burford [midtempo] kris at midtempo.net
Mon Apr 29 11:50:00 CDT 2002

hi all,

i recently relaunched www.bigchill.net and i'm getting the occasional
report that it is crashing ie5.5 (pc). i use 5.5 as my main development
browser and haven't experienced this myself.

is there anyone out there who could shed some light on why this is
happening? t'would be most grateful.



<tip type="links/resources" author="kris">

got a client you're trying to convince that usability should be at the
forefront of their site (re)design? i find that pointing them to newspaper
articles espousing the virtues of usability, especially those of recognised
real-world brands, works much better than either trying to explain yourself
or giving them forrester/neilsen type statistics.

in the uk,
http://www.guardian.co.uk/internetnews/story/0,7369,670979,00.html has done
the trick for me.


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