[thelist] Re: rare good Web hoster

Techwatcher techwatcher at accesswriters.com
Mon Apr 29 12:53:01 CDT 2002

To whomever was looking for a host --

I've been using pronicsolutions.com for almost a year, and they never
fail to answer support questions VERY quickly (usually in less than an
hour). They are careful to keep their sites hosted on machines with
plenty of room for growth (don't oversell), and not expensive
(considering the features included in each package). Good bandwidth.

They have a support forum with clear topics, where you can find a lot
of information you might otherwise need to ask; anything posted there
is also answered within about an hour! And, they are very patient. I
just added my own new domain to their hosting servers; that's how happy
we've been with them.

techwatcher at accesswriters.com

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